So I came up with the idea for this post, after last weeks post.

As I was filtering through the many messages I get (scams too)… there was one major concern among-st the people.

Previously I wrote about how to make an attractive online Store or Sales page ==> Remarkable improvement .

Now, let me tell you this; a good looking Store or Sales Page is useful in selling, but at the end of the day, it’s the copy (writing) that sells.


⚠️ The ugly Store Challenge ⚠️

The rules for the challenge:
⏺ Use a Free theme.
⏺ Use a logo (used canva) → Made it myself. even though I’m not a graphic designer
⏺ Use One product (Found the product on my newsfeed)
⏺ Use Shopify’s template for terms & condition etc..

Using these rules.. I went and created a simple one product store.

This store took me about 2 hours to put together. So it’s quite ugly… (I’m sorry store but it’s true)

Anyways… the point I’m trying to make here is — YOU’RE IN THE MARKETING BUSINESS… not design.

I’m a Copywriter and Marketer not a designer… but i still managed to create a store by myself and took it to $800/day in revenue. And no, this was not through burning money on ads.

Let me show you exactly how I did it

📖 Class in session 📖


🔥 How I took an UGLY store to $800/day in just a week 🔥

1️⃣) I focused on marketing and copywriting.

Now remember how I said I saw the product on my newsfeed. I knew straight away this product was selling.

How did i know that?

Well, i went to that store, I checked it’s traffic (using e-commerce inspector) and they had over 100,000 visitors/month. And their best selling product was well… that product.

So that product clearly has a hot market. Now all I have to do is market it better. Saturation is not something that worries me.

This is why step #1 is to focus on marketing.


2️⃣) In-depth research into the product

I spent a lot of time reading reviews and comments to see what people really liked about the product. Then i started listing different type of audiences that would love that benefit as well.

Use facebook insights, i started creating a list of potential target audience.

I also use the suggestion audience when create an ad to get more. But focus on a specific audience.

For example – rather than just gamers → League of legends, Word of warcraft etc. Broadness is not good for good ads.


3️⃣) Write persuasive product description & Facebook Ad

Your product description is something I emphasis a lot in my last few post because it is your MAIN selling point.

It is what converts visitors to buyers. Of course there are other factors. But a really well written product description is really important for your conversion rate.

The facebook Ad’s job is to get people to click to your website — then sell them with the description. I always write the product description first then the facebook ad after.

When writing a facebook Ad — Think of it like you’re speaking to your friend about a new show you like and you really want to convince them to watch it too.


4️⃣) Hired someone to replicate the Ad (it was a video)

I’m not a video editor so I don’t even try that stuff. I of course wrote the video script myself.

And just waited for the video to be put together.

Once the video was done. Just uploaded it to facebook – created a new ad and tested a few ad-sets.


5️⃣) My Facebook targeting

▶️ US Only (It doesn’t have to be, I just like the fast shipping options)
▶️ Automatic placement (Also a preference, I test others later)
▶️ One interest per ad-set 15m > 1m


The Juicy Results:

💰 Ad spend = $721 (as of right now)

💰 Revenue so far = $2600+

💰 Profit = 36%


Moral of the story 🧐

✔️ One Niche store works – but product has to be proven
✔️ Website design doesn’t matter as much
✔️ Product Description is crucial
✔️ You are marketer not a designer

That’s it for this week. See ya next week.