Have you ever stumbled up on a case where Facebook is showing you a potential reach of 2.7M and then reaching a 1.8 Frequency on only 7900 impressions? Regardless of the how great your ads are performing.

This is a case happened to one of my clients

You see:

From the data, Facebook has shown the ads nearly TWO times to each person “in the chosen audience”.

The problem is this:

There is only 7900 impressions on a 2.7 million person audience…

How’s that possible and what does it have to do with scaling?

It comes down to understanding the Facebook ads algorithm…

Here’s how it works:

When you select “conversions” as your campaign objective…

You’re effectively telling Facebook to look at the audience you’re targeting…

And you’re giving Facebook permission to show the ads ONLY to those they think will convert for you.

They base this off a LOT of data:

Your account history…

Your ad history…

The performance of your ad in the learning phase…

And other black box factors…

Depending on those things, Facebook will determine who they are going to show your ads to…

And they’re REALLY good at it!

So in this case (and this is REALLY common), Facebook basically said:

We think only about 4000 people out of this 2.7 million audience will convert in this particular case…

So we’re going to keep showing your ads to those people…

That’s why his frequency is nearly 2 already…

IF you were to try and scale this campaigns EVEN THOUGH ITS WORKING RIGHT NOW…

It will surely go to hell as soon as he raises the budget…

Because Facebook will be FORCED to extend his ads to people who they think will NOT convert…

And they won’t!

Which will drive up his CPA and erode out most, if not all, of the profit!!!!

I see this every single day.

So if you’re doing the same thing we show cased here and you’re having trouble scaling…

Now you know why!

I help my clients fix these issues and generate 300%-900% ROAS with their ad campaigns.

Is that something you want?

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it not a secret that google ads are really really complex, You have search, shopping, display and YouTube. Within all of these products you have a bunch of options, settings, campaign types and all that kind of stuff. So Today I will give you five interesting features that you may not know about google ads so far but they can be very helpful for your for your business.

So the first features that you may not know about

1 – Recommended Products in Google Merchant

If you use google shopping ads You know that you have to have a google merchant center account, for this you can look for so called recommendations, and this is a really really interesting feature, because essentially what google does is it gives you recommendations of what you could sell in your store. So especially if you were an a niche store, for example you run a cosmetic store and you sell products on google shopping what google will tell you on these recommendations step is:

Hey this is what others sellers are selling right now on the google shopping network maybe you want to sell this too

So this is really really helpful normally you see the recommendations once you spend like some money on google shopping and got a whole bunch of clicks.

you can really spite on your competition in the way and see what they are doing so that you can capture or copy some of the product that there are selling in your own store. This doesn’t mean that all the recommended products that Googling will show you are profitable rather than just showing what others are selling.

Definitely you might want to have a look at them as checking out to see whether you have this option in your google merchant center account or not and see whether some recommendations are already. If so think of getting some of these products on your store as well.

2 – Google Ads Editor

You probably know that you create a bunch of campaigns and you want to change bids and settings all the time and especially if you are creating so called one are a single keyword at group so where you only have one keyword per ad group and for example in the search campaign also it gets really really tedious right? so you have to create a ton the campaigns and ton of ad groups and the default google ads web application is not really that quick or more let say efficient so sometimes its take too much time to loads and it is not really built to make a lot of bulk changes and this is exactly where the google ads editor comes in, so if you are managing a lot of campaign on your store or probably you also manage Google ad account for others.

Google ads editor is a really powerful tool i use it on the regular basis because many years my clients are actually having a whole lot of campaigns and this tool will save you a whole lot of time because for example, you can create twenty campaigns super quick and you can quickly dive into a specific settings and change them. You can make all these changes and then you can post them, and then everything will go into effect at once, a little similar to the power editor on Facebook but actually much faster in my experience.

so you don’t need that if you just have a few campaigns or if you’re not making like a whole lot of changes every single day but if you do then make sure to check the google ads editor out it’s something that you can download to your computer and then you can work on google from there.

3 – Ad Preview and Diagnose tool:

Now i’m sure that many of you know about it but i see that a lot of people don’t know that it is what it exists and if you go to the top of your google Apps account into the tools section at the very left you will see that there is something called react and diagnosis and when you click on that you can see which queries you’re actually, showing up for so let’s say you have a whole bunch of keywords in your account or that you’re targeting, is basically and if you can go to that tool, and see which are the keywords that you’re actually ranking for right now and if you see that you’re actually not ranking for any of these it may be like you have to increase your bid or probably you might be having some other issues with your targeting, with your campaigns in general and this gives you of course the more information and then if you were just go ahead go on google and search, for these things. I know a lot of people that create campaign, they go to google then type the keyword and they look for where they are ranking.

Now of course there’s some that you can do because it’s super quick it’s like natural how other people, would see it but at the same time that gives you very limited information like it doesn’t show you whether you’re not showing up because of some issue or because you are a number of page five, for something this is like really difficult, to learn when you’re just going to google.

so I highly recommend that you regularly check the preview and diagnosis tool to find out what’s really wrong with your campaigns and how you might do better so that you show up more often.

4 – Shoppable Images – Coming Soon

If you are looking for an image on google search there are a whole lot of images, that come up and what google is current experimenting with is, that you shop on these images. There is a study shows that a whole lot of shoppers look at product images on google to buy.

This is something that has a lot of potential in my opinion that I will definitely have a look at i’m not sure when it will be rolled out. as fact i know it’s in the beta like some countries for a few advertisers only but i can definitely imagine that it will be rolled out like this year or maybe on next year. I’m really curious about this because this may be like alternative, to shopping with direct you know a lot of buying instant in the being able to link the produces to your store with the prices all that stuff so this will be really interesting of course i will keep you updated on that and yeah let’s see what google is doing there definitely sounds super promising.

5 – Google Ads Scripts

I’m not sure whether you know about it but on google you can actually load or use certain script that can do certain tasks for you all the time, so let’s say you want to cancel all the campaigns above or below a certain ROAS right? There are automated rules, but also scripts that do certain tasks for you all the time so for example there are scripts that check any of your sites are down, and if that the case they will automatically stop the corresponding campaign. also let’s say you have 10 different search campaigns and you have multiple destinations per search campaign obliviously in this case, it can be fatal if one of your landing pages stop working i mean I’ve seen this multiple times that you are sending traffic, to a page and then suddenly the page is down and you are still sending traffic to that page and wasting money essentially so there is a script that can check your account, every day or every few hours and if the script detects, that your any of your site is down it will actually stop.

so let me know on the comments which your favorite ads tool is? is it search or shopping which that made you the most sales.

So I came up with the idea for this post, after last weeks post.

As I was filtering through the many messages I get (scams too)… there was one major concern among-st the people.

Previously I wrote about how to make an attractive online Store or Sales page ==> Remarkable improvement .

Now, let me tell you this; a good looking Store or Sales Page is useful in selling, but at the end of the day, it’s the copy (writing) that sells.


⚠️ The ugly Store Challenge ⚠️

The rules for the challenge:
⏺ Use a Free theme.
⏺ Use a logo (used canva) → Made it myself. even though I’m not a graphic designer
⏺ Use One product (Found the product on my newsfeed)
⏺ Use Shopify’s template for terms & condition etc..

Using these rules.. I went and created a simple one product store.

This store took me about 2 hours to put together. So it’s quite ugly… (I’m sorry store but it’s true)

Anyways… the point I’m trying to make here is — YOU’RE IN THE MARKETING BUSINESS… not design.

I’m a Copywriter and Marketer not a designer… but i still managed to create a store by myself and took it to $800/day in revenue. And no, this was not through burning money on ads.

Let me show you exactly how I did it

📖 Class in session 📖


🔥 How I took an UGLY store to $800/day in just a week 🔥

1️⃣) I focused on marketing and copywriting.

Now remember how I said I saw the product on my newsfeed. I knew straight away this product was selling.

How did i know that?

Well, i went to that store, I checked it’s traffic (using e-commerce inspector) and they had over 100,000 visitors/month. And their best selling product was well… that product.

So that product clearly has a hot market. Now all I have to do is market it better. Saturation is not something that worries me.

This is why step #1 is to focus on marketing.


2️⃣) In-depth research into the product

I spent a lot of time reading reviews and comments to see what people really liked about the product. Then i started listing different type of audiences that would love that benefit as well.

Use facebook insights, i started creating a list of potential target audience.

I also use the suggestion audience when create an ad to get more. But focus on a specific audience.

For example – rather than just gamers → League of legends, Word of warcraft etc. Broadness is not good for good ads.


3️⃣) Write persuasive product description & Facebook Ad

Your product description is something I emphasis a lot in my last few post because it is your MAIN selling point.

It is what converts visitors to buyers. Of course there are other factors. But a really well written product description is really important for your conversion rate.

The facebook Ad’s job is to get people to click to your website — then sell them with the description. I always write the product description first then the facebook ad after.

When writing a facebook Ad — Think of it like you’re speaking to your friend about a new show you like and you really want to convince them to watch it too.


4️⃣) Hired someone to replicate the Ad (it was a video)

I’m not a video editor so I don’t even try that stuff. I of course wrote the video script myself.

And just waited for the video to be put together.

Once the video was done. Just uploaded it to facebook – created a new ad and tested a few ad-sets.


5️⃣) My Facebook targeting

▶️ US Only (It doesn’t have to be, I just like the fast shipping options)
▶️ Automatic placement (Also a preference, I test others later)
▶️ One interest per ad-set 15m > 1m


The Juicy Results:

💰 Ad spend = $721 (as of right now)

💰 Revenue so far = $2600+

💰 Profit = 36%


Moral of the story 🧐

✔️ One Niche store works – but product has to be proven
✔️ Website design doesn’t matter as much
✔️ Product Description is crucial
✔️ You are marketer not a designer

That’s it for this week. See ya next week.