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I’m Hamid, a

Software Engineer

Result-oriented Python Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience in building automation tools, ETL and software integration, looking for a Software Engineer job to fulfill my passion in coding and tackling complex challenges. Strong understanding of software engineering paradigms, OOP and testing frameworks for Python.

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Years of Experience

About Me

My Biography

My passion with computers especially programming started when I was 14 years old ofter I received my first computer. My first love programming language was Perl, the syntax and the things I witnessed what could do was just impressive and amazing.

since then, I cant get enough. Front-end web development calls to all my passions; it incorporates creativity and problem solving and I am allowed to break it to improve the code (is a separate git branch, of course).

My specialities include quickly learning new skills and programming languages, problem solving, domain driven design. So far I have python, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, Django, Django RestFramework, Celery, Panda, Selenium, AWS, FastAPI and Git/Github under my belt. I have started learning Go and React. I am still eagerly and enthusiastically grabbing onto any other programming languages framework, or principles I can integrate into the coding web in my head.


My Expertise

Data Structures & Algorithms.

Solid knowledge of Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Hash Tables, Trees, Heaps, and Graphs data structure as well as many other search and sorting algorithms.


Design software with Object Oriented Programing concept in mind using Python.

System Design

Designs, develops and maintains infrastructure and backend applications of complex and highly scalable systems.

Interpersonal Skills

Critical thinking, Leadership skills, Communication and Collaboration have been testified  by top clients in the industry.


My Recent Projects

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Customer Testimonials

Hamid, as usual, is an incredibly diligent and fast worker. He is extremely attentive to quality control and customer satisfaction.

Hamid did a fantastic job with this project. He was a great communicator and worked quickly and effectively. He was a great problem solver–the perfect balance of working independently but asking questions and clarification when needed. The personnel databases he was dealing with were often disorganized, but he worked through each with skill. He was also really pleasant and positive about the work, which I imagine was sometimes frustrating due to the nature of the unstructured data. I’d absolutely recommend him particularly for complex data sources and databases.

Extremely satisfied. Hamid helped me set up the web scraping I needed along with some additional features to handle the large batches of data that was being scraped and the specific daily reporting options I wanted. Communication was very quick as well. I will definitely be working with Hamid again!

Seattle, WA 98105